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Brethren in the Street

I sit at the bookstore, studying, night after night after night. Rarely if at all do I ever see anyone else engaged in reading of any Christian literature. Tonight was the exception to the rule. I’m reading the Minich article on the Federal Vision controversy and a scripture passage comes to mind that I can’t quite place, and I remembered I saw a guy with Stott, MacArthur and Boice books on the other side of the café when I came in. Bingo!

I went over to the condiment bar for some more water, I started to, as usual, try to talk myself out of an uncomfortable action, but then it’s as if my guard entirely dropped, I spun around, walked up and introduced myself. It was an instant comfortability with this guy. Turns out he’s an associate pastor at Cincinnati Primitive Baptist Church (first time I’ve heard of that denomination)

I was just surprised at how easily we hit it off. We talked a little, I asked him about the passage, he found it on his computer for me, shared our testimonys’ etc… I got his card, he got my contact info.

Researching the beliefs of his denomination has me wondering about the baptism issue. Again. Baptism. Pray for understanding.

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