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LL sānctificāre

An act, process or experience of consecration and purification by which a person is made holy and acceptable to God through the supernatural working of the Holy Spirit. An initial act of sanctification (positional) results in regeneration, while the growth of the Christian should be affected by progressive sanctification.

(Kurian, G.T ed), Nelson’s Dictionary of Christianity
[Nashville: Thomas Nelson Inc. 2005]


Analogia Scriptura

The Analogy of Scripture

Scripture interperets scripture.


patir passus
Latin for ‘The Father Suffers’

A form of Modalism, it is also in close relation to Sabellianism. Patripassianism is a non-Trinitarian position (heresy) defining the workings of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as simply God the Father in three different ‘modes’, whereas the traditional orthodox view of this relationship as formalized by First Council of Nicaea (325ad) was that God operates as one essence in the form of three persons.

The danger lies in the implications of God the ‘Father’ dying himself on the Cross.